9 Common Things That Are 20 Acres Big

Understanding the area of different spaces and properties is crucial in various situations, from planning agricultural projects to evaluating land for development. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore nine common things that are approximately 20 acres in size. By familiarizing yourself with these objects and spaces, you’ll develop a practical understanding of what it means for something to be 20 acres big. Let’s delve into the world of 20 acres!

1. Football Field

A standard American football field encompasses approximately 1.3 acres. To visualize the size of 20 acres, imagine almost 15 football fields put together. This size comparison helps grasp the vastness of a 20-acre area.

2. Baseball Field

A standard baseball diamond, including the outfield, typically covers around 1.7 acres. Comparing this to 20 acres, you can visualize over 11 baseball fields fitting within a 20-acre space.

3. Residential Lot

In some areas, residential lots can be around one acre in size. Therefore, a 20-acre residential lot would be equivalent to approximately 20 individual one-acre lots. Understanding this size aids in comprehending the scale of large land parcels for residential development.

4. Community Park

Community parks often occupy several acres of land. A well-sized community park could be around 5-10 acres, meaning a 20-acre park would comprise two to four times that space. Knowing this area helps appreciate the potential for various facilities and recreational activities within a 20-acre community park.

5. Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens tend to be expansive to accommodate a diverse range of plant species and horticultural exhibits. A 20-acre botanical garden represents a substantial area, allowing for themed gardens, walking paths, and educational spaces.

6. Crop Field

In agriculture, farmers often divide their land into fields for planting crops. When envisioning a 20-acre crop field, picture an expansive area that can yield a significant harvest. Understanding this size helps farmers plan their cultivation activities efficiently.

7. Golf Course Hole

A typical hole on a golf course covers around 1-1.5 acres, depending on its design. With 20 acres, you can visualize having more than ten golf course holes within that space, highlighting the vastness of a 20-acre golf course.

8. Industrial Warehouse

Industrial warehouses can occupy considerable areas, providing storage and distribution capabilities. A 20-acre warehouse space can encompass multiple buildings or a large single structure, accommodating significant inventory or manufacturing processes.

9. Nature Reserve

Nature reserves serve as protected areas for preserving natural habitats and biodiversity. A 20-acre nature reserve offers a substantial space to protect and conserve wildlife and natural ecosystems, creating havens for various flora and fauna.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How big is 20 acres in square feet?

To calculate the area of 20 acres in square feet, you can use the conversion factor of 1 acre equals approximately 43,560 square feet. Multiply 20 acres by 43,560 to obtain the approximate area in square feet, which equals approximately 871,200 square feet.

Can I estimate the size of 20 acres without measuring?

Estimating the size of 20 acres without measuring directly can be challenging. However, by visualizing size comparisons provided in this guide, such as envisioning multiple football fields or residential lots, you can develop a rough estimation of a 20-acre area.

Are there other common things that are approximately 20 acres in size?

Yes, there are other objects and spaces that can have a size of approximately 20 acres. Some examples include small farms, school campuses, college campuses, and outdoor exhibition venues. Exploring different categories expands your understanding of the dimensions and potential uses for 20-acre spaces.

How can I convert acres to square meters?

To convert acres to square meters, you can use the conversion factor of 1 acre equals approximately 4,047 square meters. Multiply the number of acres by 4,047 to obtain the approximate area in square meters. This conversion allows for easy transformation between acres and square meters.


Understanding the size of 20 acres provides practical knowledge for envisioning and evaluating various spaces and properties. Whether you’re picturing the dimensions of a community park, visualizing a residential lot, or contemplating the vastness of a golf course, knowing what it means for something to be 20 acres big aids in spatial awareness and decision-making.

By knowing the conversion from acres to square feet and exploring different objects and spaces with a size of 20 acres, you can expand your understanding of measurements and apply it to different contexts in your daily life.

Remember, while objects and spaces listed as “approximately” 20 acres may have slight variations, this guide serves as a valuable reference for practical purposes.

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