10 Things That Are Approximately 5 Meters Long (With Pics)

Understanding measurements and sizes can be helpful in various aspects of our daily lives. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore 10 things that are approximately 5 meters long. Whether you’re planning a DIY project, estimating distances, or expanding your knowledge, knowing how long 5 meters is can be invaluable. By exploring a range of objects and their lengths, we will provide you with a practical understanding of this measurement. Let’s dive in and discover the world of 5-meter lengths!

1. Car

A standard-sized car is approximately 5 meters long. Cars come in various shapes and sizes, but this common length can help you visualize the space needed for parking, maneuvering, or estimating distances on the road. Next time you’re near a car, imagine it stretched out along a straight line to picture 5 meters of length.

2. Pool Table

The surface of a pool table is typically around 5 meters long. Pool tables are popular in recreational centers, bars, and homes, providing entertainment for players of all skill levels. Understanding the length of a pool table can assist in setting up a game or visualizing the amount of space required for this enjoyable pastime.

3. Queen-sized Bed

A queen-sized bed is approximately 5 meters long, including the frame and mattress. As one of the most common sizes for beds, knowing this length can help with planning bedroom layouts, furniture arrangements, and ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. Visualize the length of a queen-sized bed to better understand its size and scale.

4. Standard Parking Space

A standard parking space in many countries is designed to be about 5 meters long. This measurement provides enough room for a typical car to fit comfortably without extending beyond the designated area. Knowing this length can be valuable for parking, especially in urban areas where space is limited.

5. Ping Pong Table

A standard ping pong table measures approximately 5 meters in length. This popular indoor sport is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Understanding the length of a ping pong table can help you set up a playing area or visualize the dimensions needed for this exciting game.

6. Shipping Container

A standard shipping container, often used for transporting goods, has a length of approximately 5 meters. These containers are widely used in logistics and play a crucial role in global trade. Understanding their length can help you estimate space requirements for storage or calculate the number of containers needed for shipping.

7. Kayak

A typical kayak, used for recreational paddling or water sports, can be around 5 meters in length. Kayaking is a popular activity for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. By visualizing a 5-meter kayak, you can appreciate its size and understand the space needed for maneuvering on the water.

8. Badminton Court

A standard badminton court is approximately 5.18 meters wide and 13.4 meters long. Although slightly longer than 5 meters, the length of a badminton court is worth mentioning. Badminton is a fun, fast-paced sport, and understanding the court’s dimensions can help you set up a playing area or participate in organized games.

9. Aluminum Ladder

An aluminum ladder commonly used for various tasks, such as reaching high places or performing repairs, can have a length of around 5 meters. Ladders are essential tools for both homeowners and professionals, and knowing their lengths can assist with selecting the right ladder for specific tasks or estimating reach.

10. School Bus

A typical school bus is approximately 5 to 7 meters in length. These buses transport students to and from school, providing a safe means of transportation. By visualizing the length of a school bus, you gain an understanding of the size of these vehicles and the space required for parking or maneuvering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is 5 meters in feet?

5 meters is approximately equal to 16.4 feet. It’s important to note that this measurement is an approximation, and the exact conversion is 1-meter equals 3.281 feet.

Can I estimate 5 meters without a measuring tool?

While it may be challenging to estimate exactly 5 meters without a measuring tool, you can use familiar references to make an informed approximation. By visualizing objects of known lengths, such as the ones mentioned in this guide, you can get a sense of 5 meters’ length.

Can I convert meters to other units of length?

Yes, you can convert meters to other commonly used units of length. 5 meters is equal to 500 centimeters or 5,000 millimeters. There are conversion calculators available online that can help you convert meters to various other units of length such as inches, yards, or kilometers, depending on your specific needs.

Are there other common objects that are approximately 5 meters long?

Yes, there are numerous other objects that can have a length of approximately 5 meters. Some examples include a standard shipping pallet, a small sailing boat, or a compact excavator. Exploring different objects and their lengths can help you build a better understanding of measurements and sizes.

How can I measure the length of an object accurately?

To measure the length of an object accurately, you will need a measuring tool such as a measuring tape or ruler. Place the beginning of the measuring tool at one end of the object and extend it until you reach the other end. Read the measurement displayed on the tool to determine the length. Ensure that the object is straight and not curved or bent for accurate measurements.


Understanding the length of 5 meters can be valuable for a wide range of activities, from planning interior spaces to estimating distances or selecting the right-sized objects. By familiarizing yourself with common things that are approximately 5 meters long, you gain a practical understanding of this measurement.

From cars and pool tables to kayaks and school buses, these objects provide visual references to help you estimate and visualize 5 meters’ length. So the next time you encounter a 5-meter measurement or need to estimate a certain length, you can rely on these examples for guidance and accuracy.

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