8 Things That are Approx 800 Meters Long

Have you ever wondered about the length of 800 meters? Understanding measurements can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to visualizing distances. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore eight things that are approximately 800 meters long. By providing tangible examples and comparisons, we aim to help you better grasp the concept of this particular distance. So, let’s dive in and discover how long 800 meters really is!

1. Running Track

Running Track – A Standard Measurement

A standard running track used for athletic competitions consists of oval-shaped lanes. The innermost lane is typically positioned 400 meters from the starting point, while the outer lanes extend further. If we consider a track with eight lanes, running around the outermost lane twice covers a distance close to 800 meters. So, imagine running on a well-marked track, pushing yourself for two full laps to complete an approximate distance of 800 meters.

2. Canadian Football Field

Canadian Football Field – A North American Comparison

A Canadian football field measures 110 yards in length, which is equivalent to approximately 100.58 meters. If we multiply this length by 8, we can visualize a field size of approximately 884.64 meters. However, to get an approximate length of 800 meters, we can consider the distance covered by running from end zone to end zone and back on a Canadian football field. Picture the thrilling plays and fast-paced action happening within this extensive field.

3. Olympic Swimming Pool

Olympic Swimming Pool – Length for Elite Competition

An Olympic-sized swimming pool measures 50 meters in length. To approximate a distance of 800 meters, we can imagine swimming up and down the length of the pool 16 times. Visualize the steady strokes, rhythmic breathing, and intense focus required to cover this distance. Olympic swimming pools provide a relatable example to better comprehend how far 800 meters extends in a pool setting.

4. Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship – A Giant Vessel

Many modern cruise ships can reach impressive lengths of around 800 meters. These massive floating resorts, packed with amenities and accommodations, provide a tangible context for understanding this measurement. Picture yourself standing at the water’s edge, looking up at the towering structure of a majestic cruise ship. These vessels showcase the magnitude of 800 meters and offer a visual example that is easy to comprehend.

5. Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge – Engineering Marvels

Some suspension bridges span remarkable distances, often exceeding 800 meters. These architectural marvels connect landmasses and provide safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians. Visualize the elegant and sturdy design of a suspension bridge as you cross it, feeling the slight sway beneath your feet. Suspension bridges demonstrate the grandeur of 800 meters, reminding us of the incredible feats of engineering humans can achieve.

6. High-Speed Railway

High-Speed Railway – Traveling at High Velocities

High-speed railways, found in various countries around the world, can cover significant distances in short periods. Trains traveling at high velocities require long stretches of stable infrastructure. To get a sense of 800 meters, imagine standing on a platform, watching a high-speed train zoom past you at breakneck speeds. These railways exemplify the vastness of 800 meters and the efficiency of transportation over long distances.

7. Airport Runway

Airport Runway – Preparing for Takeoff

The length of airport runways can vary, but some major international runways can exceed 800 meters. These carefully constructed surfaces allow airplanes to take off and land safely. Picture yourself sitting in an airplane, looking out the window as the aircraft races along the runway, gathering the necessary speed for takeoff. Airport runways offer a practical example of how 800 meters can be crucial in the world of aviation.

8. Skyscraper Height Comparison

Skyscraper Height – Reaching for the Sky

Some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers reach heights of around 800 meters or beyond. These architectural wonders pierce through the clouds, symbolizing human innovation and accomplishment. Visualize standing at the base of a towering skyscraper, craning your neck to look at its pinnacle disappearing into the sky. The height of these structures serves as a tangible representation of 800 meters, showcasing the awe-inspiring possibilities of human design and construction.


How long does it take to walk 800 meters?

The time it takes to walk 800 meters depends on individual factors such as walking speed and fitness level. On average, most people can walk around 800 meters in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. However, the duration may vary based on personal circumstances and walking pace.

How does 800 meters compare to a mile?

The mile is a common unit of measurement in some countries, particularly the United States. One mile is equivalent to approximately 1609 meters, making 800 meters about half a mile. When comparing the two, it’s useful to note that 800 meters is a shorter distance than a mile.

Can you provide a visual example for 800 meters in daily life?

Certainly! Visualizing 800 meters in everyday life can be challenging. One way to approximate this distance is to imagine walking around a standard running track twice, covering the outermost lane. Additionally, if you have access to a measuring tape, you can mark off 800 meters in a park or open space and walk alongside it to get a better sense of the distance.

How long does it take for a professional runner to complete 800 meters?

The time it takes for a professional runner to complete 800 meters varies based on their specialization. For middle-distance runners, the world record for men is around 1 minute and 40 seconds, while the women’s record is approximately 1 minute and 53 seconds. It’s important to note that these times are achieved by elite athletes and may differ significantly from average running speeds.


In this beginner’s guide, we explored eight things that are approximately 800 meters long. By providing a variety of examples, from running tracks and swimming pools to suspension bridges and skyscrapers, we aimed to help you visualize and comprehend the length of 800 meters in different contexts.

Next time you encounter the measurement of 800 meters, whether in sports, architecture, or transportation, you’ll have a better understanding of its magnitude. Remember, practice visualizing this distance in real-life scenarios, and you’ll gradually develop a more intuitive sense of what 800 meters truly entails.

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